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Craft Beer Industry Trends In 2023 - Brew Movers

Whether you are a brewery owner or a regular malt enthusiast, tracking craft beer industry trends is a must. For businesses, having a hint of what is hot can be beneficial for your sales. On the other hand, getting a taste and understanding of the latest beer trends can open doors to unique ingredients, brewing techniques, and tips you may never have imagined implementing into your practice!

With that said, Brew Movers is here to share with you the top beer industry trends expected in 2023:

The Popularity of Non-Alcoholic Beers

A common New Year’s resolution is to cut back on drinking too much alcohol. But given the thirst-quenching hold a cold beer has on us, it can be difficult to let them go. Fortunately, local breweries all over North America have found the solution by crafting non-alcoholic beers

Non-alcoholic beers are just like your regular pint of craft beer, except that their alcoholic content is significantly lower than the accepted alcohol by volume. They also typically have a low-calorie content—which is part of the reason why they became so popular in the first place.  

The Fusion of CBD and Beer

Ever heard of infused beer? If not, the CBD-infused beer industry trend will surprise you. Cannabidiol or CBD is a naturally occurring ingredient found in the cannabis sativa plant. While tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the one responsible for the euphoric reaction, the role of CBD is actually to regulate bodily functions. 

Its studied benefits, such as reducing anxiety and depression, are the reason why breweries are adding this as an ingredient to their brews. Although, this beer trend falls under the no-alcohol beer category due to the dealcoholization process it requires. To add the CBD extract, the alcohol content needs to be removed.

Even though CBD-infused beers are non-alcoholic, it remains a crowd-favorite because of the familiar fizz and relaxing effect it provides.

The Fusion of CBD and Beer - Brew Movers

Environmentally Conscious Brewing

Did you know that brewing one gallon of beer requires you to use seven gallons of water? Because of this, the beer industry is on the path to accountability by making a positive impact on the environment. To lessen the use of natural resources, breweries upscale used water and recover carbon dioxide from fermentation. While the process of green brewing can be tedious and costly, customers are more than willing to pay more for sustainable beers. 

Experimentation with Ingredients

Breweries continue to attract attention because of their innovativeness. They’re not afraid to stray away from using traditional ingredients while experimenting with odd additives like chocolate, pepper, and peanut butter! This beer trend is one to be excited about because of the interesting flavors you get to experiment with. 

Many of these new beer flavors have already become a staple in today’s market. You now have access to tasting a Lucky Charms-themed beer (Smartmouth) and even a spicy beer by the name “Ghost Face Killah” (Twisted Pine Brewing Company) made with chili peppers!

Creating an Authentic Experience With Exposed Tap Rooms

In the beer industry, breweries with exposed tap rooms are considered a trend due to the immersive aesthetic that comes with them. Seeing the iron or wooden kegs of a pub adds to the overall ambiance of the brewhouse and elevates the customer experience.

Plus, uploading a photo of tap rooms will make a great addition to a beer enthusiast’s social media feed!  
This beer industry trend has inspired breweries to design their tap rooms with intention and allows for the opportunity to host brewery tours. This helps owners connect with patrons, establishing a bond between the drink in their glass with the process behind it all.

Authentic Experience With Exposed Tap Rooms - Brew Movers

Hazy IPAs are Making a Comeback

Indian Pale Ales, or IPAs for short, are considered to be staple brews in the beer industry, but the resurgence of Hazy IPAs is getting a lot of buzz heading into 2023. This beer trend centers around draft beer with a hazy appearance. Instead of seeing through the glass, a yellow opaque liquid blurs your vision.

In terms of taste, Hazy IPAs are less bitter than regular IPA. This taste is often labeled as fruity because you get a citrus kick upon your first sip! What’s interesting about this beverage is the hops it uses, such as Citra, Mosaic, and El Dorado. 

The reason why Hazy IPAs are so popular is that they serve as a good entry point for patrons looking to experiment with stronger beer flavor profiles, but aren’t ready to commit to something on the scale of a DIPA (double IPA). Since they contain fruity hops, guests can give hops experimentation another chance.

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Which of these beer industry trends will you be incorporating into your brewhouse?

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