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Women holding different kinds of beer

When you think of beer, do you automatically think of drunken college parties and sporting events? You probably don’t associate beer with women, yet plenty of them love drinking a cold mug of lager, stout, or pilsner. 

Not only that, but women in brewing are revolutionizing the beer industry. Women are concocting innovative brewing techniques, unique flavors, and new ways to enjoy beer. More women are becoming brewery owners, distillers, and bartenders in a predominantly male industry.

Cool, right? Here’s what’s cooler: Women were the world’s original brewers

A Brief History of Women and Beer Crafting

That frothy mug of beer was first created by ancient housewives who wanted a nutritious and practical way to preserve grains. The more enterprising women sold their extra beer and ale at local markets. Brewing thus allowed women, even unmarried ones, to have an independent income. 

It’s a shame that due to gender norms, women were driven out of a growing beer industry in medieval times. Historically, female brewers were viewed as “swindlers” who concocted potions to sway pious men. It did not help that women who made beer were also accused of witchcraft. Pretty soon, alcohol production became dominated by male brewers. 

Centuries later, women are again becoming involved in beer making in a big way. With International Women’s Day arriving soon, we get to celebrate our modern brewsters with a few cold ones.

4 Exciting Ways Women Are Innovating the Beverage Industry

Want to find out what women in brewing are up to these days? Sit down. Grab a tallboy. We have intoxicating stories to tell.

1. Cultivating New Beer Variants

Women in brewing are reclaiming their crowns (or rather, brewer’s hats) by introducing novelty to the biz. 

Beers that incorporate ingredients like coconut flowers, Navajo tea, and chipotlé sound out of this world. Thanks to creative women, people all over the world are now discovering these unorthodox yet refreshing flavors. Female brewsters are fermenting beer into a culinary art and encouraging the industry to keep coming up with better beer.

2. Enhancing Brewery Business Practices

Breweries invest heavily in research and testing to come up with new products. Not only are the recipes closely guarded, even the brewing processes are treated as trade secrets. This isn’t a problem in itself, but exclusivity slows development and limits people’s options. Not having enough choices can lead to expensive and unsatisfactory choices for beer lovers. 

Women-led companies and organizations that offer free lessons on brewing serve as an antidote to that problem.

Enhancing Brewery Business Practices - Brew Movers

While male brewery owners still outnumber female ones by a ratio of 3 to 1, there’s been a growing acceptance of women in the beer industry. More breweries are breaking gender norms when it comes to hiring practices

The changes don’t stop there. Even housewives are introducing sustainable practices like zero-waste beers. Here, excess grain and waste products from the brewing process are not thrown away. Instead, they are sent to local farms to be transformed into cattle feed.

Undoubtedly, the reintroduction of women to the industry is turning beer-making into a profitable community affair

3. Spearheading Beer Packaging and Design Trends

In addition to new recipes, women in brewing tend to be heavily involved in marketing and promotions. They are designing eye-catching beer labels and packaging that transform how people perceive beers. 

Case in point: By focusing on flavors and characteristics when marketing beers, people are slowly learning beer varieties are made for different tastes. There’s no such thing as an inferior drink. For example, drinking a non-alcoholic brew or a fruity ale will not make one less of a beer lover.

4. Evolving NOLO Brews

Breweries are also coming up with non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beers that do not stint on quality. There are even low-calorie versions of popular brews. You can now go NOLO (no and low alcohol) without having to give up your favorite IPA.

It’s not just for teetotalers. Thanks to millennials—the generation that popularized wellness—non-alcoholic beers are now seen as a healthier alternative. Individuals who are allergic to alcohol, pregnant, or older folks alike are happy with the idea that they can enjoy a social drink.

 A woman smelling a glass of dark beer

The Case for Drinking Beer Crafted by Women

Why should you try that new craft beer created by women distillers? Your taste buds will thank you for it.  

The secret? Women are excellent tasters. They literally have more taste buds than men. Women are also better at detecting odors. They can sense bitterness, sweetness, sourness, and aromas more strongly than their male counterparts. Women can use that superpower when trying to identify ingredients in an unfamiliar drink or create new recipes.

Of course, we know men make great beers too. Supermarket shelves and bars are filled with traditional beers crafted by men—but if you’re looking for something fresh and interesting, maybe even weird, we invite you to give women’s beers a try.

Women in Brewing: Bottoms Up to the Future

As an industry with feminine origins, it’s high time that women redefine beer brewing. With their innovations and increasing customer base, women’s contributions to the alcohol industry are undeniable.

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