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Toronto Beer Distributors

The Smartest Way to Ship Your Beer and
Craft Beverages

We understand that the transportation and storage of your beverages are crucial to providing your customers with a great tasting experience.
With over two decades of experience in Toronto brewery logistics, we have the expertise, connections, and enthusiasm
to ensure your drinks arrive safely at their destination.

Toronto: A haven for beer enthusiasts with a thriving craft beer scene

Toronto is a beer lover's paradise. And as a brewery owner, you can't afford to ignore the potential of this vibrant craft beer scene. With a constantly evolving market, this city draws locals and visitors alike. You can take your brewery to the next level by tapping into the city's growing craft beer and beverage market.

The craft beverage community continues to grow and flourish as more and more brewers and beverage producers join the industry. New breweries get set up and established breweries expand, requiring expertise in handling beer kegs, ingredients, and equipment—after all, the quality and freshness of the products are of utmost importance. Let's not forget about the challenges posed by stringent regulations, tight deadlines, and the ever-changing tides of demand. Craft cider, craft soda, hard seltzers, kombucha, wine, and spirits are also becoming increasingly popular, and each comes with its unique shipping and logistics needs. Factor in Toronto's landscape and climate, and you've got yourself a need for bespoke strategies for brewery shipping and logistics.

As someone who frequently moves beer across the country, Brew Movers is an invaluable resource. They make our lives so much easier and their customer service is phenomenal!

— Kenny G, Hopculture
“Working with Brew Movers this past year has truly been a dream come true for the Deutsche Family and we look forward to the great service and quick turn arounds of our shipments in 2020 thank you so much to everyone at Brew Movers

— Doug, Deutsche Beverage Technology
Brew Movers has helped us transport brewery equipment, beer for out of state festivals, and beer ingredients several times over the past two years without any apprehension. The aggressive pricing and the quick response times means I will continue to use them whenever possible in the future.

— Jamie, Head Brewer & Owner: Southern Grist Brewery
We have used Brew Movers for shipping everything from a few cases to a 10 barrel system with great results! The Brew Movers crew is always super speedy and professional. So happy we made the switch!

— Megan, Business Mgr - Side Project Brewing
Brew Movers is the best in the business. Got hired on with my company with little knowledge in truckload shipping and LTL. Maria and Laura taught me everything I know today! They are the best! Both have pulled off some real magic, getting recovery trucks when things go wrong is never a problem for them! Love this company!

— Ryan Castro
Great team to work with. Excellent communication are their team and their online tracking platform and dashboard are so helpful. They are very customer focused and have always taken good care of us.

— Matt Virgil
Always enjoy working with Brandon and the Brew Movers team. Solid company with logistics experience to boot.

— Elijah-Blue Vieau
Brew Movers is a fantastic freight company that specializes in shipping beer and brewing supplies. Their customer service is best in class, and I'd recommend them to any company looking for affordable freight rates in the US and Canada.

— Chantelle Stone
Brandon and his crew were amazing to work with. They shipped an entire brewhouse for us. Truck arrived on time and nothing was damaged. I highly recommend these guys for any equipment shipping or tank shipping needs.

— Martin S
We have been using Brew Movers and we are extremely pleased with them. Whenever we can, we prefer to ship with them! Great customer service: Not only do we get a promptly response regarding estimates, but outstanding communication from pickup to final delivery. Brandon is our rep, and he always finds the best shipping costs, as well as getting last minute shipping arrangements, all done with a smile over the phone and the courtesy of getting the job done properly. I highly recommend this company!

— Christina Rowe

A Rare Brew: Good Beer Shipping Companies Are Hard to Find

Once you've crafted the perfect brew, we understand that the ultimate goal is to get your perfectly crafted beverages into your customers' hands, no matter where they are. We can deliver your product across borders, just as if you were pouring their drinks yourself. However, navigating logistics and shipping is not an easy task. Damaged cargo, delayed deliveries, and unreliable freight shippers can quickly wipe out those carefully brewed batches. That’s where Brew Movers comes in.

When shipping and logistics go awry, it's a recipe for disaster—wasted resources, lost sales, and tarnished brand images. These unwanted problems do more than simply disrupt operations—they also put a damper on customer satisfaction and give your brand a poor reputation. That's why it's all the more crucial to find a reliable and specialized shipping partner.

The craft beer industry and beverage distributors in Toronto need a service provider who truly understands the art of handling delicate ingredients, transporting expensive equipment, and ensuring that your product reaches its destination in the best possible condition. That's exactly why brewery owners, beverage company leaders, and festival organizers partner with Brew Movers.

Toronto Brewery Logistics &
Shipping Solutions

Brew Movers is the ultimate logistics partner for Toronto’s vibrant craft beer scene that is filled to the brim with a range of unique and flavorful options. We provide customized, white-glove shipping solutions to tackle the unique challenges faced by local businesses. With our specialized services, rest assured that your beverages, ingredients, and equipment will be handled with extra care and attention.

We deliver on time, every single time.

Beverage Managed Logistics - Brew Movers


We'll streamline your shipping process from A to Z, so you can focus on blending flavors and brewing exceptional craft beverages.

Fresh Ingredients Managed Logistics - Brew Movers

Fresh Ingredients Managed Logistics

Go the extra mile to keep your ingredients fresh and in excellent condition with our expert logistics planning, handling, and temperature-controlled shipping solutions.

Brewery Equipment Shipping - Brew Movers

Brewery Equipment Shipping

We do the heavy lifting safely and efficiently without breaking your back or your bank—from moving brewhouses and brewery equipment to shipping tanks, kegs, and everything in between.

Shipping for Kegs, Cans & Glass Bottles - Brew Movers

Shipping for Kegs, Cans & Glass Bottles

We're pros at transporting all kinds of fragile cargo, so you can rest assured that your kegs, cans, and glassware arrive at their destination in mint condition.

Festival Logistics Management - Brew Movers

Festival Logistics Management

Leave the nitty-gritty of live events and festival shipping to us, so you can focus on brewing up unforgettable experiences.

Cold Chain Shipping - Brew Movers

Cold Chain Shipping

Let Pallet Parka, our signature temperature-controlled shipping solution, keep your products in perfect condition from the moment they leave your fridge to the time they arrive at their final destination.

Make a cold chain shipping inquiry

Managed Logistics for Toronto Breweries & Craft Beverage Companies


Brew Movers provides logistics solutions tailored to the unique tastes and needs of breweries, craft beverage companies, and beer distributors in Toronto, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience for everyone involved. We keep things simple and easy so brewery owners, beverage company leaders, and event organizers do not worry about logistics, operational headaches, and heavy lifting.

At Brew Movers, we work with Toronto breweries and over 3,500 other beverage companies across North America creating craft beverages such as:


Our team is familiar with the unique shipping and logistics needs of each type of beverage, whether it’s handling your ingredients with care or the temperature-sensitive nature of the finished products. We blend customized transport and handling approaches with our experience and expertise to help clients celebrate the Toronto craft beverage scene and raise a glass to success.

Beer May Be Hazy, But Your Logistics Shouldn’t Be

Brew Movers is Toronto's go-to shipping and logistics partner because we get the craft beer and beverage business like no one else. We know to fill up your glass, hand out bottles, and “think outside the barrel”.
With our white-glove approach, industry connections, and hands-on crew, we're miles ahead of our competition. With Brew Movers, you can trust that your shipments are in the hands of pros, ensuring a seamless and efficient logistics solution for your business.

White-Glove Shipping Icon

White-Glove Shipping

We're just as invested in your success as you are, providing dedicated care, attention to detail, and personalization from planning to shipping.

Tapped Into the Industry Icon

Tapped Into the Industry

Deeply embedded and engaged within the craft community. That's how we keep in touch with brewers and stay up-to-date with the industry.

Knowledgeable & Passionate Icon

Knowledgeable & Passionate

Our team knows how to take care of our freight and our customers. We’re shipping experts fueled by a passion for craft beer and a love for the industry.

Malt - Brew Movers

Ready to Ship? We're Your Toronto Brewery Logistics Partner

Jump on board with Brew Movers, your partner in shipping and logistics for Toronto breweries and craft beverages. Fill out our form or contact our team to receive a customized quote, crafted just for your business’s one-of-a-kind shipping needs. 

Let’s start your journey towards seamless, hassle-free logistics together.
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