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What class should my beer be shipped at?

Beer is typically shipped as Class 65 with NMFC code 111470. In certain situations the class may change, which is why we are here to help!


How do I get credit with Brew Movers to start shipping?

You can fill out the credit card application, which can be found here (download credit app). You can also request a traditional line of credit from your rep.


Which carriers haul beer?

We have vetted our carrier base to assure each of our carrier partners has the proper authority and insurance to haul beer. Carrier regulations change frequently, shipping with the wrong carrier could cause significant delays with delivering your product until an approved carrier can collect the load. email us to find out who is approved currently.


How can I assure my beer doesn’t freeze in transit?

All of our selected carrier partners offer “Protect From Freeze” on each shipment. During the winter months we highly suggest selecting this option when booking.


How do I make sure my beer makes it to a festival on time?

We offer guaranteed delivery dates and times. Be sure to choose a “Guaranteed” option for delivery when shipping to festivals.


Do you ship brewery equipment and ingredients?

Yes! We have lots of experience shipping fermentors, brite tanks, and entire brew systems from vendors such as BrewFab.

We can also ship all your ingredients. We are very confident we can do it cheaper and more efficiently than what you are currently getting from your ingredient vendors.


What if we don’t have a loading dock?

All of our carrier partners provide lift gate service. Make sure you are selecting “Lift Gate” for either pick up or delivery if there are no loading docks.


What if our beer gets damaged in transit?

We have the easiest claims process in transportation. There is a claims button you click and input your quantity and cost. Your rep then handles the entire claims process to ensure you get paid.