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Shipping 411

Freight Modes


  • 1-6 pallets up to 15,000#

  • Same day pickup with a minimum of 4hrs notice.

  • Transit times are estimated in business days. Pick-up day does not count

  • Guaranteed options available

Truckload (TL):

  • > 6 pallets or 12’ in length

  • Reduced cost per po Up to 44,000# Rates variable by season

Reefer & Reefer LTL

LTL Class

Freight classes are defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) and made available through the NMFC or National Motor Freight Classification.

Choolers & Chillers15053180
DunnageDenisty Based29970
Empty Barrels20021740
Empty Glass BottlesDensity Based87700
Empty KegsDensity Based181700
Frozen Fruit (Peel/Concentrate)10073225
Fruit Puree6073227
Hops (pellitized)7099992
Machinery/PartsDensity Based133300
Plastic ItemsDensity Based156600
TanksDensity Based181700

Common Classes & NMFCs for the Craft Industry:

Commodity Class NMFC

Beer 65 111470

Cholaca 65 39990

Cider 60 73227

Coolers/Chillers 150 53180

Dunnage Density Based 29970

Empty Barrels 200 21740

Empty Glass Bottles Density Based 87700

Empty Kegs Density Based 181700

Frozen Fruit(Peel/Concentrate) 100 73225

Fruit Puree 60 73227

Hops(In Pellets) 70 99992

Machinery/Machinery Parts Density Based 133300

Malt 50 89590

Plastic Items Density Based 156600

Tanks Density Based 181700

Wine 100 111510

Freight Mgmt.

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