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DTC Beer Shipping

Your Trusted Partner for Direct-to-Consumer Beer Shipping

Our DTC Beer Shipping Services

Get your craft beer straight into the hands of your customers with DTC beer shipping!

Brew Movers helps breweries deliver their products directly to consumers without involving traditional retail channels—think online orders, subscription services, and more. You handle packaging your beer orders and handle the shipping and delivery. Check out our DTC beer shipping services:

Brewery Pickup

We’ll pick up your beers from your brewery or warehouse and deliver them straight to your retail partners and loyal customers. 

Convenient Delivery

One of the primary advantages of DTC beer shipping is the convenience of having your beer delivered directly to your customer’s doorstep.

DTC Beer Order Tracking 

Customers can monitor the status and location of their beer orders in real time through RFID tagging. Peace of mind, guaranteed.

As someone who frequently moves beer across the country, Brew Movers is an invaluable resource. They make our lives so much easier and their customer service is phenomenal!

— Kenny G, Hopculture
“Working with Brew Movers this past year has truly been a dream come true for the Deutsche Family and we look forward to the great service and quick turn arounds of our shipments in 2020 thank you so much to everyone at Brew Movers

— Doug, Deutsche Beverage Technology
Brew Movers has helped us transport brewery equipment, beer for out of state festivals, and beer ingredients several times over the past two years without any apprehension. The aggressive pricing and the quick response times means I will continue to use them whenever possible in the future.

— Jamie, Head Brewer & Owner: Southern Grist Brewery
We have used Brew Movers for shipping everything from a few cases to a 10 barrel system with great results! The Brew Movers crew is always super speedy and professional. So happy we made the switch!

— Megan, Business Mgr - Side Project Brewing
Brew Movers is the best in the business. Got hired on with my company with little knowledge in truckload shipping and LTL. Maria and Laura taught me everything I know today! They are the best! Both have pulled off some real magic, getting recovery trucks when things go wrong is never a problem for them! Love this company!

— Ryan Castro
Great team to work with. Excellent communication are their team and their online tracking platform and dashboard are so helpful. They are very customer focused and have always taken good care of us.

— Matt Virgil
Always enjoy working with Brandon and the Brew Movers team. Solid company with logistics experience to boot.

— Elijah-Blue Vieau
Brew Movers is a fantastic freight company that specializes in shipping beer and brewing supplies. Their customer service is best in class, and I'd recommend them to any company looking for affordable freight rates in the US and Canada.

— Chantelle Stone
Brandon and his crew were amazing to work with. They shipped an entire brewhouse for us. Truck arrived on time and nothing was damaged. I highly recommend these guys for any equipment shipping or tank shipping needs.

— Martin S
We have been using Brew Movers and we are extremely pleased with them. Whenever we can, we prefer to ship with them! Great customer service: Not only do we get a promptly response regarding estimates, but outstanding communication from pickup to final delivery. Brandon is our rep, and he always finds the best shipping costs, as well as getting last minute shipping arrangements, all done with a smile over the phone and the courtesy of getting the job done properly. I highly recommend this company!

— Christina Rowe

Benefits of DTC Beer Shipping

Seventy-two percent of regular craft beer drinkers would be willing to pay $50 more if breweries would deliver beers right to their doorstep. If you still need more convincing, here are several more reasons to invest in DTC beer shipping:

1. Increased Revenue

Craft beer’s global market is projected to reach $210.78 billion by 2028! Tap into that revenue potential with DTC beer shipping. 

2. Brand Control

From packaging to quality assurance, you’ll maintain complete control over your brand’s reputation and quality.

3. Customer Insights

Get actionable data and feedback straight from your customers to fine-tune your brews, services, and marketing strategies.

4. Enhanced Customer Experience

Deliver a personalized experience at every customer touchpoint, elevating your brand and encouraging customer loyalty.

How Our DTC Beer Shipping Works

Offload your distribution stress to us at Brew Movers! We’ve designed a simplified shipping experience customizable for all kinds of customers. Our beer fulfillment process involves four stages, including:


Our team of experts will call you to learn your brand and business goals better. We'll get to the heart of your unique needs and preferences, ensuring we understand exactly what your brewery requires for seamless DTC beer shipping.

Customized Plan

Based on our consultation, we'll sketch out a strategic distribution plan that streamlines your production process. You can share your thoughts and suggestions to ensure a collaborative partnership.

Shipping and Tracking

Action time! We execute the shipping plan with precision. We provide real-time tracking so you're always in the know, from brewery to doorstep. You’ll never be in the dark and always know where your beverages are.

Feedback and Optimization

We're not a set-it-and-forget-it operation. A continuous feedback loop allows us to polish and perfect our services, ensuring we're always meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. We’re not happy unless you’re happy.


Distilleries may have the tightest restrictions on DTC shipping, but Alaska, Kentucky, and five other states have already offered some leeway for DTC shipments. These limited opportunities could be the gateway to more extensive market penetration.


Expand your distribution channels, reach a wider online audience, and streamline order fulfillment for direct sales to consumers through your e-commerce platform with our help

International Shipping

Expand your seltzer empire to customers beyond borders and we navigate customs and regulations for you.

DTC Beer Shipping Pricing

DTC beer shipping doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. At Brew Movers, we pride ourselves on offering transparent, competitive pricing tailored to suit breweries of every size—comprehensive beer fulfillment is what we do! 

From boutique craft brewers just starting out to established industry giants, we have a pricing model that accommodates your specific needs. There are no hidden fees or surprise charges; what you see is what you get. This transparent approach extends to our personalized quotes, where we work closely with you to develop a pricing strategy that complements your budget and objectives. Contact us today for your customized pricing plan!

Navigating DTC Legality: Where We Can Ship Your Brew

The traditional three-tier distribution system has long been the standard in the beverage industry. However, as you likely know, it brings with it a set of restrictions that limit your direct-to-consumer shipping opportunities. 

At Brew Movers, we masterfully maneuver through the labyrinth of licensing requirements, state-specific shipping permits, and the ever-changing distribution network. Partnering with us to maximize your DTC beer shipping in the following states:

  • Alaska
  • District of Columbia
  • Kentucky
  • Nebraska
  • New Hampshire
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Virginia

DTC Beer Shipping Requirements: What Breweries Need to Know

Regulations regarding DTC beer shipping may vary by location and often involve compliance with specific legal requirements related to alcohol sales, shipping, and age verification to ensure responsible distribution and delivery of alcoholic beverages.

You need to know some crucial ground rules. Each state comes with its own playbook: how to secure a license at your destination state, get approved carriers for ID checks and signatures, proper packaging and labeling, etc. Additionally, there are also state-specific volume limits, tax remittances, and detailed shipment reporting to worry about. 

There are a lot of boxes to tick, but don’t sweat it because our team at Brew Movers has you covered. We are a reputable and compliant shipping carrier with years of experience in handling alcoholic beverages, guaranteeing smooth and legal DTC beer shipments. When you partner with us, all you need to do is focus on what you do best: crafting amazing beer.

The Brew Movers Advantage

Industry Expertise

In our years working in the beverage logistics industry, we’ve been through the highs and lows with both budding breweries and big beer brands. Our partners are more than just business to us—we’re fully invested in their journey to success.

Nationwide Reach

Geographic boundaries are just lines on the map with Brew Movers. Our expansive network allows us to ship your brew to a wide array of states, ensuring your craft reaches enthusiasts seeking your products, wherever they are.

Customized Solutions

No two breweries are the same, and neither are our logistics plans. We design a shipping roadmap that aligns seamlessly with your brewery's unique goals and needs, turning challenges into opportunities.

Secure Packaging

Your brew is your art that certainly deserves the royal treatment. We use secure and protective packaging to make sure each brew arrives just as you intended it to.

Compliance Assurance

The maze of DTC beer shipping laws and regulations can be daunting, but not for us. We handle the paperwork, the red tape, and the fine print to make your life easier. Brew Movers has your back at every stage of the process.

International Shipping

Expand your seltzer empire to customers beyond borders and we navigate customs and regulations for you.

Brew Movers: Your Trusted DTC Beer Shipping Partner

When it comes to DTC beer shipping, all you need is Brew Movers. We help breweries navigate the complex landscape of online beer sales and DTC shipping. With our knowledge of beer shipping requirements, you can offer a satisfying experience for your customers looking to have their favorite brews delivered directly to their door.

Let’s craft your beer fulfillment success story together—contact us today!

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