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Ready To Drink Alcoholic Beverages - Brew Movers

The ready-to-drink movement is here to stay! 

In the dynamic landscape of the beverage industry, adaptation is the key to survival. Breweries, long known for their crafted beers and traditional offerings, are now facing a compelling opportunity to expand their horizons.

Enter: ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. As the demand for these trendy libations continues to soar, breweries find themselves at a crossroads—either resist the change or embrace it and evolve alongside the preferences of their customers.

In this article we’ll discuss key considerations for breweries seeking to embark on this exciting venture!

Table of Contents:

What Are RTD Alcoholic Beverages? 

Why Are These Types of Drinks So Popular? 

   → Convenience 

   → Lower Alcohol Content  

   → Wide Range of Flavors

Should You Adapt To This Trend?

How to Expand Your Craft Beverage Portfolio

Ready To Drink Alcoholic Beverages - Brew Movers

What Are RTD Alcoholic Beverages?

RTD alcoholic beverages are drinks that have been premixed and are ready to be consumed. This includes drinks like hard seltzers, radlers, canned cocktails, shooters, hard kombucha, and more—the options are endless. 

Typically, you’ll find that RTD beverages fall under one of three categories: malt-based, spirits-based, and wine-based. Across all three, they tend to have lower levels of alcohol (ABV) compared to classic spirits or strong beer.

  • Malt-based RTD beverages include hard seltzers like hard tea and hard kombucha
  • Spirit-based RTD alcoholic beverages include cocktails or shooters
  • Wine-based RTD alcohol includes wine in cans or wine cocktails

The Rising Interest in RTD Alcohol

Beer has long been the go-to choice for many enjoying a night out or kicking it back after a long day. It’s tasty, reliable, and ingrained into North American culture in more ways than one. 

Don’t get it twisted: beer is still loved. However, it’s undeniably sharing the limelight with spirits and ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages. In fact, reports show beer has been steadily losing market share to spirits for the last 12 years.

So, what’s fueling the demand for ready-to-drink alcoholic beverages? 

Three major factors can contribute to its astronomical rise—and by “astronomical,” we mean the RTD market share is skyrocketing. Let’s break them down one by one.

   1. Convenience

Just like how consumers are drawn to ready-to-wear and ready-to-eat products, the appeal of convenience has taken the alcoholic beverage industry by storm. Beer has always been convenient, but now its competition is convenient, too. 

There’s no longer a need for people to summon their inner mixologist when hosting parties or preparing a special menu for date night. Unique flavors can just simply be poured out of a bottle or can—and considering how so many breweries are getting super creative with their flavors, you’re sure to find a drink that fits every occasion. 

   2. Lower Alcohol Content  

Many consumers who are carefully watching their alcohol intake—but still want to drink—are loving ready-to-drink beverages. They’re making it easier to drink spirits, offering them at a diluted percentage that’s similar to beer. 

Think about it this way: it’s a lot easier to rationalize drinking a 5% RTD beverage on a weeknight than a mixed drink containing 40% vodka. These types of beverages are making it easier to drink responsibly.

   3. Wide Range of Flavors  

People love having options, which is why breweries have been stepping up their game by crafting drinks that take taste buds on a well-deserved trip. Think toasted coconut IPA, coffee stout, and raspberry lager. All of these have one thing in common—they combine flavors we already know and love in order to create something unique!

When it comes to RTD beverages, they follow these same principles. A conveniently canned margarita, daiquiri, mai tai, or old-fashioned offer a burst of flavor that mimics a professionally made cocktail—without having to leave your home. This versatility is a major reason why RTD beverages are flying off the shelves, especially as an alternatives for those who don’t enjoy the taste of beer.

Wide Range of Flavors - Brew Movers

Are Ready To Drink Alcoholic Beverages Here To Stay?

The short answer is yes! 

As a producer of alcohol, widening your offerings can do wonders to expand your audience. It will help you connect with new customers—and your regulars might love them, too!

However, you shouldn’t jump into the RTD game half-heartedly. Producing great offerings that people seek out will require you to do your research. This includes familiarizing yourself with ever-evolving state laws, market trends, sourcing high-quality ingredients and spirits, determining your unique selling points, nailing your production process, and partnering with a cold chain shipping partner who can handle the logistics of your operation. 

With that in mind, you want to be sure you’re bringing something unique to the table to help you stand out in the always-competitive alcoholic beverage market. It’s a challenge, but one that’s definitely worth competing in!

Expand Into New Markets with RTD Alcoholic Beverages

If you’ve made it this far and are sold on diversifying your offerings with RTD alcoholic beverages, then you’re going to need a way to get it in the hands of your customers.

Count on the expert team at Brew Movers to handle your inbound and outbound logistics so that you can focus on crafting ready to drink beverages people love.

Our cold chain shipping solutions will get your drinks from point A to B while maintaining a 5 to 10 degree range from its original temperature, all thanks to the Pallet Parka. It’s a revolutionary way to ship craft beverages, saving you time and money that you can put back into growing your business.

Send us a message for more information, or get started with a quote!