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Friends drinking beer outdoors

People are itching to travel, but with the likelihood of delayed or canceled flights, they aren’t exactly ecstatic at the idea of hopping on the next flight. The solution: recreational vehicles (RVs). RVs give you the freedom to be outdoors and the ability to go anywhere—minus the wait times, and the crowds. 

The RV industry soared at an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic. More than 9 million households in the U.S. own an RV and another 9 million more plan to buy one in the next five years.

These RV owners take at least three mini-vacations per year—and that count doesn’t even include those traveling on rentals. So, how would you like your brewery to get access to this huge, lucrative market?

Be an “Airbnb” for RVers

One of the biggest misconceptions about RVs is that one always has to camp at state, national, and county RV parks—which, by the way, tend to get booked up well in advance. There are many alternative places RVers go to now, and they find them from websites and apps such as Harvest Hosts.

Harvest Hosts—Brew Movers’ exclusive partner—is a membership program that connects 200,000+ self-contained RVers to a network of breweries, wineries, farms, golf courses, distilleries, museums, and other unique places where travelers can camp for a night for free… well, almost.

In exchange for being allowed to camp free of charge, all RVers have to do is support their “hosts” or the business they visit by buying beer, produce, or anything from the gift shop, playing golf, etc. This way, everybody wins. 

The Advantages of Being a Host

Three of the major benefits of being a host member at Harvest Hosts are:

1. It Helps Boost Revenues

You would be welcoming over 225,000 Harvest Hosts RVer members to your property and therefore, your business. Just last year, members spent close to $40 million across host locations. 

Hosts saw an additional boost of $10,000 to $25,000 to their revenue from Harvest Hosts’ member spending. And that number is projected to go way higher than that this year.

A couple drinking beer outside their RV trailer parked in a brewery

2. It Provides an Opportunity for Breweries to Reach New Audiences

Your brewery might already have its own following—local patrons and perhaps in other places as well. But RVers are another audience altogether; a new market that you may not be able to reach otherwise without becoming a host of Harvest Hosts.

3. It Puts Your Brewery on the Map of Camping Spots

Harvest Hosts is like Google Maps for camping. People search through their interactive map to find the perfect spot where they can camp for the night and enjoy a nice cold beer; and being a host will put your brewery on that map.

What Are the Requirements to Be a Host?

Hosting requirements are pretty simple. You can sign up your brewery to become a host if:

  • Your brewery has enough space to park one RV— gravel, paved, or a grassy area will do;
  • You have a business license; and
  • You have beer and/or other products to sell.

Harvest Hosts will connect your business with members without any cost. You don’t need to provide electricity, sewage dump, water, or Wi-Fi because member vehicles are required to be self-contained.

Members are allowed to stay only for one night, but you can invite them to stay longer should you prefer it. You can accept or deny any stay requests as you see fit by informing them through email or text messaging. You’ll also have the ability to manage the number and size of the RVs that visit your brewery.

In exchange for getting free overnight RV camping—by the way, they’re not allowed to pitch tents—members are encouraged to spend a minimum of $20 at each host location. And don’t worry, whatever amount members spend onsite is one hundred percent yours!

Easy, Hassle-Free Hosting

Hosting is also simple. You’ll have access to your online Host Dashboard where you can:

  • Manage your profile details;
  • Read reviews of members who have stayed with you and other hosts;
  • Add a review of a member who stayed with you;
  • Allow members to see your location’s availability so they won’t have to call you to inquire; and
  • Block dates and control hours of availability.

For an even easier booking process, the system automatically captures the member’s name, number, and information.

an RV is set up for the night outside a brewery

Helping You Boost Your Brewery’s Revenue Through Hosting

Brew Movers is your partner in growing your business through beverage logistics and supply chain management. We’re passionate about the success of modern breweries across North America, and this includes fostering growth through partnerships like Harvest Hosts.

If you’d like to start increasing your revenue one parking spot at a time, sign-up here to become a Harvest Host today!