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Benefit Of Cold Chain Shipping - Brew Movers

Cold chain shipping, or cold shipping, has allowed people to enjoy delicacies from different cities, even countries, away. It has opened up the world to a variety of previously unavailable products while maintaining its freshness.

A cold transport system has helped many businesses grow, even small mom-and-pop shops are able to reach markets across the country, enabling them to evolve into medium and large enterprises.

Wondering if your business can benefit from cold chain shipping? Browse through our list below and discover how cold chain shipping can streamline your deliveries, create positive experiences for your customers, and transform your business into a glowing empire.

Businesses That Should Use Cold Chain Shipping

Companies that deal with perishables and sensitive items reap the most rewards from utilizing cold chain shipping. 

If your business belongs in the following industries, you’re one of the many that can obtain the most economic value out of cold chain shipping.

The Craft Beverage Industry

All beverages are best kept cold and transported in refrigerated trucks, but when it comes to craft beverages, refrigeration is a must!

This is because most craft beverages, like craft beer, specialty wines and spirits, mixed drinks, kombucha, and natural fruit soda, for example, are made with natural ingredients without preservatives. This makes them very prone to spoilage. Keeping them in controlled conditions will help arrest the growth of unwanted yeast and bacteria, and will help keep them tasting fresh and flavorful until the day they are consumed.

The Craft Beverage Industry - Brew Movers

Remember, if your merchandise contains natural or infused water, it’s best to use cold chain shipping. This is because mold and bacteria, which naturally exists almost everywhere, thrive in humid or moist areas. The faster they proliferate, the faster your merchandise will expire and your investment will fly out the window.

If you’re looking to save costs on refrigerated shipping, the Pallet Parka is the solution. It can comfortably move your products across the country or internationally while only losing a couple of degrees per day from its original temperature. This extra layer of protection gives craft beverage business owners the best of both worlds—their products arrive in perfect condition, and it’s a more economical choice.

Cold chain shipping helps ensure ideal conditions are met during transportation from warehouse to retailer or to your avid customer! When they’re delivered fresh, you won’t have to worry about expensive returns, refunds, or nasty customer complaints.

Pharmaceutical and Health Care Companies

Pharmaceutical companies make drugs that can easily expire with slight changes in temperature. Shipping using cold chain equipment ensures that medicine is kept at a steady temperature while in transit until it can be kept in a more stable environment.

Diagnostics laboratories, clinics, and hospitals can also benefit from cold shipping as these institutions need to deliver and send specimens for testing and analysis. Keeping samples at certain temperatures will help maintain the state they’re in so that the medical technician can accurately interpret the results.

Unstable temperatures could cause bacteria to multiply, resulting in the wrong diagnosis, which could lead to the wrong medication and procedures. Not to mention the added expenses, and other undesirable consequences for the patient. 

Electronic Device Manufacturers

Electronic devices have temperature-sensitive components that can either melt or expand when stored incorrectly. Moisture can also accumulate when the temperature fluctuates and cause water damage to the device. Worse, some components can catch fire when the heat reaches a certain point.

Manufacturers stand to lose millions due to temperature fluctuations in a single delivery—now imagine that happening on a daily basis. Because of this, companies employ a shipping agent to handle their cold chain management and help keep their devices safe and fully functional. 

Even if this is more expensive compared to other shipping options, the amount of money these manufacturers save offsets the delivery expenses. This helps them keep their investments and achieve their sales targets.

Agriculture and Food Manufacturers

Successful farm-to-table deliveries require careful planning and handling. Even if the produce is freshly harvested, or the meat is of the best quality, they can easily wilt, spoil and get damaged while in transit. Cold chain shipping prevents these risks from happening.

Cold chain shipping also helps prevent bacteria from surviving and multiplying. Food poisoning is a serious concern among producers, food and beverage manufacturers, traders and service companies like restaurants. Not only does it reduce potential income, it can also invite lawsuits, suspensions, and have long-term damaging effects to a company’s brand—all of which could lead to major losses.

With cold chain shipping, these risks are greatly minimized, and customers feel a sense of getting an “amazing bargain” when they receive the freshest produce, which helps ensure repeat business.

Event Organizers and Exhibitors

Certain events, such as festivals, weddings, and conferences, need food and beverages and the use of expensive equipment to survive the day. Without these, your event runs the risk of going bust.

Cold chain shipping can help transfer food and beverages to your target location and maintain its fresh condition, and let event goers experience your products in the best way possible.

Promoting your food and beverages at an event is a good way to network and widen your audience reach. When a fun event is paired with a positive brand experience, people tend to remember the products more, which can help improve brand awareness, recall and loyalty.

Because of these positive experiences, your food and drinks will be promoted through word-of-mouth. Most attendees talk after the event, and nowadays, people love posting recommendations on social media. You want them to say the only best things about your brand, so make sure it’s a glowing review by serving them high quality food and drinks. 

Which Cold Chain Logistics Company is Best for Your Business?

If you’ve decided cold chain transport is beneficial for your business, then the next step is to find a cold chain logistics company that can service your business and your clients.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is this company reliable?
  • Do they have a good track record of delivering on time and with minimal to no damages?
  • Are their options within my budget?
  • Do they have good customer service?
  • Do they cover the route from my supplier to my business, and from my business to my target customers?
  • Are they familiar with freight classes and NMFC codes?
  • Are they licensed to transport my products?

A cold chain shipping company that covers a wide area and can move a variety of items, including perishables like craft beer and fruits, and fragile items like glasses, bottles, kegs, equipment and tanks, can do miracles for your business. They can help optimize your deliveries, reduce unnecessary expenses, improve your branding and simplify your operations. 

Brew Movers can help make these miracles happen (not our words!) by ensuring your products arrive whole and in perfect condition⸺at your factory, warehouse, your client’s doorstep, or at the next big event.

If you want to know more about beer logistics and cold chain shipping, call our knowledgeable staff at Brew Movers and we’ll help you figure out the best shipping solution for your products and equipment.